Stephen Menold

Bassist, Composer, Arranger, Educator

With CJLO’s Juila Warren on Jazz Island we talked about On the Night Bus

It is late. It is dark. Let’s face it, you’re probably very drunk. After a long night out in Montreal, you are ready to go home. Cabs are all taken. You’ve thought about walking, because anything is better than taking a trip on the night bus. 
This album is a tribute not just to nocturnal public transit but also to Montreal as a whole. Each of these 10 tracks takes you through quintessential experiences and introduces you to Quebec’s most populous island. 
Think of this collection of songs not so much as a tour guide, but instead a collection of ideas and characters none of whom are singularly identifiable but when put in order build up a collage that is unmistakably Montreal.

released February 29, 2020 

Recorded by George Doxas at Boutique Du Son, in Montreal Quebec.
Tpt Violet Hebert – Tenor Philippe Brochu-Pelettier – Drums Alex Lepanto – Piano Josh Rager – Bass Stephen Menold 
All Tracks are original compositions written and arranged by Stephen Menold. 
Cover photo Zakaria Bennaoui Graphics by James St Laurent

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